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3D Printing Safety Booth

Safety booth for reducing harmful substances during 3D printing work

Recently, as the number of non-industrial 3D printers has increased, harmful substances generated during 3D printing have caused health threats to users, and safety issues need to be recognized.
By eliminating harmful gases generated during work using 3D printers, it is a product that allows users to utilize 3D printers in a safe environment, and demand from educational institutions and individual users is spreading.

3D Printing Safety Booth

Move left and right with your hand.
System Category Specification
Booth Booth Size
Inner Volume
Clean Performance
800 x 1,200 x 1900 (mm)
700 x 750 x 700 (mm)
3 Layer (Pre+H13+Carbon)
Sensor Module Measurable Gas Combustible gas
Fine dust
Temperature, Humidity
Formaldehyde Gas

Hazardous Substance Complex Sensor

Based on the data collected through the complex sensor, the monitoring system shows the internal contamination status in three stages, and based on this, the blow fan speed is controlled to operate the harmful substances reduction device to establish an efficient reduction system. In addition, a three-stage composite filter (free filter + H13 HEPA filter + activated carbon) can be used to effectively remove harmful substances.

Configuration of a hazardous substance reduction filter box

Monitoring System

Available 3D Printer Types

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